At Xcell, we are passionate about advancing the boundaries of rowing technology, achieving meaningful steps in the development and production of oars and sculls. Combining innovative design with engineering excellence, there’s an Xcell product for everybody from complete beginners to Olympic gold medallists.

Xcell is dedicated to rowing, and we believe our products give you the ultimate tool for transferring your power into motion. Our Design and Build teams are constantly analysing designs, structures, the latest materials, aerodynamics, and hydrodynamics to ensure that Xcell remains at the forefront of rowing technology.

Xcell evolved through Sutton’s, the leading manufacturer of rowing products throughout the 60s and 70s. J. Sutton first produced GRP looms in the 80’s before moving on to carbon fibre looms in the early 90’s. Now Xcell, Suttons sister company, is continuing the development and application of compound materials technology into the new century, to improve your rowing experience.

With an enthusiastic and professional working environment on the Thames in Windsor, we have a deep understanding of rowing and the technical and traditional skills required to manufacture oars for competitions and clubs. Our in-house manufacturing processes guarantee the highest levels of quality and performance. All our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in the UK.





Xcell’s heritage is clear to see having grown out of J Sutton, the traditional oar and scull makers – and one of the leading suppliers to the rowing world for more than 20 years.Xcell works out of the same premises, allowing Suttons to concentrate on their core market as the specialist manufacturer of wooden oars and sculls for the traditional coastal gigs and flat water rowing skiffs.

Xcell was formed in 2001 as a sister company to Suttons, to develop high tech composite spoons and looms for competitive rowing, using modern materials and fluid dynamic design analysis, along with the very latest construction techniques from the aerospace industry. Xcell’s design aims are apparent; to produce high quality, yet affordable oars and sculls with improved tensile strength, at the same time lighter and with improved aero and hydrodynamic capability. In short, taking design and construction with the Xcell range into a more technological based era in rowing.

Xcell set about creating a range of their own product designs with all the tooling owned by Xcell and all looms, spoons and components manufactured for them in Britain.  This provides oarsmen with a reassurance that every stage of the manufacturing process can be overseen by Xcell technicians, resulting in a superior overall standardised quality control.   Continuous product development and customer feedback ensures that the range of Xcell oars and sculls best meet the demanding requirements of today’s competitive rowers whether for an ocean racing challenge or a flat-water regatta.

Both Xcell and J Sutton are based at Tom Jones Boatyard on the River Thames at Windsor and between the two companies they supply a complete range of oars and sculls across both competitive and leisure markets. Jerry Sutton remains a technical consultant to Suttons and Xcell and as the yard is located within 2 miles of Dorny Lake, the venue for the 2012 Olympic Rowing competition, the future looks extremely bright.  Xcell is currently the only supplier producing looms with combinations of GRP, carbon fibre and Kevlar. An ongoing design commitment to be at the leading edge, the range of oars and sculls (X5 Elite, X1 Club and X3 Ocean), combined with the launch in 2010 of the X7 Coastal, all reinforce the
fact that Xcell is rapidly becoming a major UK force with the aim of producing stronger, lighter more efficient oars and sculls for all types of rowing.

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