The Loom

Highest quality 100% carbon fibre roll wrap lay-up.

Unique “Twill” double-wrap carbon fibre overlays to the areas of maximum stress along the loom so providing addition strength without incremental weight.

Loom construction has focused specifically upon achieving a stiff carbon shaft of exceptional lightness and impact resistance.


The Spoons

Constructed with a high density epoxy foam core.

Biaxial, unidirectional carbon fibres cured in epoxy resin with a minimal amount of E-glass fibres.

Epoxy gel-coat hard finish to professional competition yacht standards.

Spoons can be spray finished to any colour and with competitors club or sponsor logo design. Please request quotations for spraying and club logos on application with order.

There is the option of a highly advanced competitive spoon in any of the options, made from 100% carbon which provided maximum stiffness with less deflection. Prices are available on request depending upon type of spoon.


Sweep Spoons

Available options are either Cleaver Smoothie, Cleaver Ridge or large Macon Spoons.


Sculling Spoons

Available options are Macon, Cleaver Ridge or Cleaver Smoothie Spoons.


Sleeves and Collars

Manufactured to Xcell’s own design and tooling and made to fit the standard “Concept” gate.

Highest quality, low friction ABS and Polyurethane plastics.

Sleeves in “dayglo” yellow: Collars (buttons) are black.


Fixed Wooden Handles

Made only from best quality Ash Wood uniquely for Xcell.

Xcell recommend sweep oars with fixed handles as adjustable handles can loose power as efficiency is reduced through the lateral movement at the point of the adjustable handle connection.

Adjustable handles can however be supplied upon request.


Dimensions and Weight

Length: Individual requirements for the lengths of both sweep oars and sculls can be made to order

Weights:Sweep Oar: 2.3kgScull: 1.5kg


Customising Options

Length of sweep oars and sculls can be cut to individual requirements.

Location of sleeves and collars (buttons) on the parallel section of the loom can be personalised to individual requirements.

Optional handle sizes (diameter) only with fixed Ash Wood handles.

We offer the range of Martinolli grips.

We offer a full and comprehensive after sales service at our yard in Windsor, Berkshire and we carry a full range of spares that are available for immediiate despatch by express parcel delivery within the UK and mainland Europe.