X3 Ocean Rowing Scull

Ocean Ocean Rowing Sculls are extremely popular for crossing the Atlantic. In this year's 2015/16 Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. We have 16 confirmed crews using our oars. 


These include:



Team: Atlantic Answer                                              Rower: Evelyn Williams                 www.atlanticanswer.com


Team: The Persil Waterbabies Atlantic Row      Rower: Callum Gathercole           http://thewaterbabies.co.uk


Team: TBA                                                                     Rower: Greg Maud                        http://gregmaud.co.za



Team: Coventry Five-O                                              Rower: Adrian Lindon                   http://coventryfiveo.voyage

                                                                                         Rower: Martin Bramwell

Team: Atlantic Castaways                                       Rower: Freddie Wright                www.atlanticcastaways.com

                                                                                         Rower: Jack Galsworthy       

Team: Atlantic Buoys                                                Rower: Hamish Stewart              www.atlanticbuoys2015.com

                                                                                         Rower: Neil Blackeby                    

Team: Atlantic Drifters                                             Rower: David Lambert                 www.theatlanticdrifters.com

                                                                                         Rower: Tom Brunwin

Team: Oarsome Buoys                                              Rower: Shaun Pedley                   www.weregoingrowing.co.uk

                                                                                         Rower: Ryan Barter             

Team: Atlantic Voyager                                            Rower: Shane Chadwick             www.atlanticvoyager2015.com

                                                                                         Rower: Theo Jones

Team: Atlantic Row                                                   Rower: Dan Parsons                     www.atlantic-row.com

                                                                                         Rower: Olly Clark    

Team: Team Beyond                                                 Rower: Daley Ervin                        www.teambeyond.org

                                                                                         Rower: Phil Theodore 

Team: Rowing for Rascals                                       Rower: Duncan Brown                 www.rowingforrascals.com

                                                                                         Andy Strachan           




Team: Row Like a Girl                                                Rower: Lauren Morton                www.rowlikeagirl.uk

                                                                                          Rower: Bella Collins

                                                                                          Rower: Olivia Bolesworth

                                                                                          Rower: Gee Purdy

Team: Ocean Reunion                                                Rower: Angus Collins                 www.oceanreunion.co.uk

                                                                                          Rower: Bus Barton    

                                                                                          Rower: Joe Barnett 

                                                                                          Rower: Jack Mayhew




The Rowing Oar Shaft



      100% carbon fibre tube with Kevlar reinforcement.


​​v     A unique manufacturing process for Xcell Oars and



​       Kevlar wrap overlays the carbon tube at the points

      of maximum stress.


​      The Kevlar overlays deliver a loom of exceptional

      lightness and impact resistance.


​      A two-section X3 oars shaft is now available. This

      is the ideal back-up for our conventional one-section

      oars shafts, more easily stored in-board rather than

      external to the gunwale. These is a fully tested and

      reliable back-up, but not recommended as an

      exclusive replacement to our conventional X3 oars.

Sleeves and Collars


  • Manufactured to Xcell’s design and tooling to fit the standard ‘Concept’ gate.


  • Highest quality, low friction ABS and Polyurethane plastics.


  • Sleeves are in “dayglo” yellow; collars are black.

Dimensions and Weight


  • Oar Weight: 2.3 kg


  • Oar Length: Maximum of 340 cm.

The Macon Scull Blade


  • Constructed with a high density epoxy foam core.


  • Biaxial, unidirectional carbon fibres cured in epoxy resin with a minimal amount of E-glass fibres.


  • Epoxy gel-coat hard finish to professional competition yacht standards.


  • Spoons can be spray finished to any colour and with competitors club or sponsor logo design. Please request quotations for spraying and club logos on application with order.

Fixed Wooden Handles


  • Made only from best quality Ash Wood.


  • Xcell only recommend fixed handles for Ocean Rowing.


  • Adjustable handles can result in a loss of power, as

  • efficiency is reduced through the lateral movement at the point of the adjustable handle connection.


  • An adjustable handle allows water ingress.


  • Adjustable handles can be supplied upon request.

Customising Options


We provide ocean rowers with any option to match their personal requirements in the best way for their own style.


  • Length of sweep oars and sculls can be cut to individual requirements.


  • Location of sleeves and collars (buttons) on the parallel section of the loom can be personalised to individual requirements.


  • Optional handle sizes (diameter) only with fixed Ash Wood handles.


  • We offer the range of Martinolli grips.


  • We offer a full and comprehensive after sales service at our yard in Teignmouth, Devon and we carry a full range of spares that are available for immediate despatch by express parcel delivery within the UK and mainland Europe.