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Talisker Whisky Round Up

With the final Talkisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge pulling in to port we look back at what has been achieved.


First crew back were Ocean Reunion, the fastest ever crossing during the Atlantic Challenge, crossing in 37 days


The second crew back were Rowlikeagirl. Having started with a unusual looking course Rowlikeagirl managed to aviod the worst of an Atlantic storm.  


Coxless Crew  Arrive in Australia 

The all female team of  Coxless crew have landed in Australia 257  days at sea. The girls  travelled 8446 miles  from San Francisco to Cairns via Hawaii and Somoa. There were 3 permenant crew members and each leg a additional member joined the girls. 


They used Xcell oars for every leg of the journey. More information


Ocean Valour - Multiple World Record Holders

The Ocean Valour Crew of Tom Rainey and Lawrence Walters set off from New York on the 3rd of May 2015, 93 days and 20 minutes later they rowing in to Salcombe Harbour to an enormous welcome. A flotilla of boats went out to join them for the final parts of the last day, crowds of people lined the streets of Salcombe to cheer them in. It was a well derserved reception as they had managed to break some significant records.


The youngest duo to row the Atlantic unsupported (West to East).


Youngest person (Lawrence Walters) to row the Atlantic (West to East)


First pair to row mainland USA to Mainland UK


The Greatest distance rowed in a 24hr time period in an ocean rowing boat (112.5nm) 


The latter was breaking an eight man crew that set the previous record. The boys used Xcell X3 Ocean to make the crossing, joining the growing number of Ocean Rowers to use our products.


To visit their site go to www.oceanvalour.co.uk





GB - France Match Up 

Marlow Junior Boys represented GB in the GB France match up. They trialed the boat our 5 days before they race, and liked it so much they dropped their  original boat in favour of our VHP 4-/x. Off the start the French took a slight lead, but by 500 meters the GB crew had inched it out to a 1/4 length lead. Through the 3rd 500 meters the french had clawed back to level pegging. Coming in to the finish the GB crew capitalised on a French mistake to take the victory.



World Pilot Gig Championships


This May Bank Holiday saw the World Pilot Gig Championships take place on the Isle of Scilly. With around 150 gigs entered it certainly was a specticle to behold. With 3 days of tough racing, the finals came down to some close racing. None closer than the Ladies race which saw a photo finish between St Mary's and Newquay. Initially it was thought that St Mary's had won, however due to an incident during the race they were disqualified allowing Newquay to become the Ladies World Gig Champions. The Mens race was equally exciting with the Falmouth crew eventually pulling away to gain the victory. Congratulations to both crews who were of course using Sutton Oars. 



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