Xcell Rowing Ltd

Xcell Rowing Limited has evolved from J Sutton Oars. We started making wooden oars in 1971 and gained the enviable reputation for outstanding quality and service. In our time we have made every type of wooden oar, from Racing Sculls to the Oars for the Queen's Rowbarge - The Gloriana. We continue to make wooden oars today with the Gig Oar being our most popular.


We first made composite Sutton oars in the 80's out of glass reinforced plastic, and moved on to carbon looms in the early 90's. Xcell Oars and Sculls was born to improve on this original concept for composite oars and has been endeavour to make the best oars in the world in every discipline. We have achieved this in Atlantic Rowing, where the majority of Ocean crossings use our oars. 


To improve the service we offer we have recently started selling a greater range of products. We now sell Vespoli Racing Shells, looking to emulate their dedication to customer service from the boat building community.  We not only maintain a stock of boats, with the ability to trial out the products in various locations in the UK, we can also custom order your boat to your specification. 

We are also working with De Graaff trailers to supply the south west of the UK with Rowing Boat, Gig and general Boat trailers.