Girls go into the Guinness Book of Records

May 31st, 2010

Belinda Kirk and the Sea Gals  were the first all-women crew to row unaided around the coast of Britain in just 51 days and made their way into the Guinness Book of Records, winning the £15,000 put up by Richard Branson:

Despite near miss collisions, strong winds and rough seas we rowed around Britain with watches of two pairs.  Our Xcell X3s performed outstandingly, and were customised for our physical size.  At times it was pretty tough going, yet we always seemed to be making headway and getting closer to the finish at Tower Bridge.” Belinda Kirk, Skipper and Expedition Manager of the Sea Gals.

Sea Gals


Charlie smashes solo record

March 1st, 2010

Charlie Pitcher made history to become the first solo competitor to win a multi class ocean rowing race, at the same time smashing the solo record on 26th February 2010

I was using Xcell X3s from their specialist Ocean Rowing range, which were matched to my physique and rowing style.  The oars are extremely well designed and gave me that little extra edge throughout.  Although I carried a spare set of oars, just in case, they were surplus and I cannot thank the team at Xcell enough for all their support and help in the build up to the Atlantic Race.  As a single-handed rower, it was quite daunting and I was absolutely delighted to get line honours, ahead of the crewed teams.  Thanks Xcell.” Charlie Pitcher, winner Atlantic Rowing Race 2009/10.

Charlie practicing for his solo trans Atlantic rowing race by rowing


Britons Win Inaugural Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009

July 3rd, 2009

Congratulations to the Bexhill Trust Challenger British Team of Phil McCorry, Nick McCorry, Matt Hellier and Ian Allen for winning the inaugural Indian Ocean Rowing Race 2009.

They were using Xcell X3 Ocean Oars!

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Custom made to fit each rower

December 31st, 2007

Cath Allaway  - Ocean  Rower Atlantic 2007/08

As a competitive rower, I understood  how valuable the correct style blades would be to row an ocean.   Everything had to be right: wooden handles, correct blade length, shaft  width, spoon shape, and overall weight.  Xcell are the only company, for  me, who ticked all the boxes.  Mid ocean is not where you want to realise that you’ve chosen the wrong blades.”  Cath Allaway, Atlantic Ocean Rower.